A close friend once told me that if she hadn’t met her current boyfriend she would be roaming the streets looking for someone to impregnate her. After a good five minutes of giggling it really got me thinking. When does your biological clock really start ticking? Why do people’s inner alarms go off at different times? I always said I wanted children in my younger years and my wish was Gods command. Other women wait until their forties to start their families. There will always be pros and cons to both arguments. Clearly I sway towards team young mum but I see the positives and negatives on both sides. As much as I love my son to bits I often think about how different life would be without him. I would still be in London with a blossoming career and there are at least 185 countries I haven’t visited. That doesn’t mean I’ll never get to them or reach my full potential, he’s just delayed things slightly. I have to work that little bit harder. Equally I could have climbed the career ladder and sailed the seven seas and then had my children. The choice was mine. I took one path but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t another. But that little clock was tick, tick, ticking. The pendulum was swinging and I couldn’t deny the (now very loud) voice inside my head screaming at me “what if I never get the chance again”. I know many do not feel this way, especially in their early twenties. What is it in our biological makeup that makes some women love children and others loath them? I guess until I make it past the first semester of university I’ll never arrive at my eureka moment so until then I’ll just have to rely on Google for the answers.