Rewind to London, summer 2014. The weather is hot and sticky, (As were my underarms), the air is hazy and wavy from the heat and everything seems groovy. I could mostly be found somewhere riverside sipping on a cool, refreshing pimms or an ice cold gin and slim. Life was simple, everything was easy.
Fast forward to June 2015 and the weather is again warm, and this time my whole body is sweltering and soggy, not just my underarms. I rocked the beach whale look that year. My summer months were drier than the Sahara as not a drop of alcohol was consumed. (Unless you count the sneaky white wine spritzer that I hoovered up in the Mitre.)
But alas, here we are again, summer is coming. The sun is heating up and day time drinking is edging on acceptable. But there’s a problem. Life ain’t so free and breezy anymore. There’s a side of milk coming with my gin. Responsibilities have crept up on me and I can no longer structure my days around jugs of pimms. However, I am a firm believer that life doesn’t end when you become a mum and therefore I have made it my mission to seek out “child friendly pubs” (if there ever was such a thing). Yes your children still have to be in bed by 8 o clock but who says you can’t have some (moderate) fun in the meantime?

With the brood

The Magpie Inn, Dalkey

Probably more of a cosy, winter spot but this place always makes you feel welcome, with or without the kids. They making a banging fish and chips plus they have an extensive ale and cider list. Winning!

The Bluebird Cafe, Kings Road

Definitely more up market than the above but there is no where I’d rather be for a lazy Sunday brunch. Great place to sit and watch the world go by with a bottle of bubbly to hand. There’s always children here early in the day.. Just make sure to take them home before you continue into Embargoes!

Without them

Chelsea Drugstore, Dublin

It’s possible I love this bar so much because it reminds me of somewhere I used to go in London. The music is mellow, the lighting is cool and it’s just upmarket enough to be trendy without leaving you with that uncomfortable, overwhelmed feeling. You can also sneak through the back door into Market Bar if you’ve got their naughty┬ánachos on your mind.

The Ship, Wandsworth

Ah, the ship. If you haven’t experienced ship Sunday’s you are seriously missing out. Until you’ve lived through it you won’t understand. Needs to be seen to be believed, I have no other way to explain it! Worth hiring a babysitter for.