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“It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming!” and no, it’s not what you’re thinking. Those were the final words spoken to me before I was thrust into the world of motherhood. (The last words uttered by myself resembled those of drowning kittens and therefore need not be repeated or told in my glorious re-count of childbirth.) My own wails were soon replaced with those of my infant sons and as I lay somewhere between infinite euphoria and definite possibility of passing out somehow I found myself in a moment of reflection.

I found it funny how one minute you are essentially all alone in the world and the next you are being handed something which resembles a slimey, squealing alien who knows no one but you and is entirely your own. Suddenly, I wasn’t a one woman band anymore. I had this thing, this person I would be responsible for for the rest of my days. A little human who would be with me everywhere I go.

This moment happens for women worldwide 255 times a minute. In that instant, planned or not, you’re a duck out of water. It’s like learning to walk again. You could read every baby book in the library and still be rendered clueless. It was in this moment that the next chapter of my life begun.. and I became the twenty-something mom.

5 products to make it look like you didn’t get up 6 times last night

As every new (and old) mom knows; new baby = no sleep. Heck, you could be one year in and still on permanent night duty! So I have decided to compile a list of five beauty products to help mask the symptoms of a non-alcohol related sleepless night.

  1. Eye cream – Often an expensive item but in my opinion most definitely worth the investment. I couldn’t survive without it. (Well I could but then I would look like I’d done a few rounds with Conor McGregor every morning.) A quick slick takes you from zombified-panda to wide-eyed cheerleader in an instant. At the moment I’m loving this one: –
  2. Concealer – If you don’t have time for any other product this should be your number one. A pink-based concealer will mask dark circles while a yellow-base will brighten around the eye area. In other words – go into MAC and ask for a NW shade to shake the panda look and an NC colour to bring you back to life. You wont regret it.
  3.  Coffee – Technically not a beauty product but definitely deserves its place on this list. The elixir of life for moms worldwide. I am the epiphany of the slogan “instant human just add coffee” and so I have visited an extensive number of coffee shops and jaunts across Dublin and London. I’ll write a post soon on my top ones to visit but in the meantime I’ve linked below a couple I would recommend to obtain your daily fix.                                                                                
  4. Beauty Balm – I was sceptical at first to see if any of these products actually worked. I had tried plenty of variations of BB and CC creams in the past and was suitably unimpressed so when products without any coverage or pigment became popular I required some encouragement. Once I tried one though I was hooked. Instantly my face was refreshed and I gained back some of my long forgotten “pregnancy glow”. Use alone to fake the fresh faced look or under make-up for added radiance.
  5. Highlighter – Contouring and highlighting is all the rage right now but if beautifying time is limited, which it almost always is when you have a young child, you need to skip the sculpting and go straight to the good stuff. Mac’s strobe cream is my secret weapon. Start with a generous layer of this super-light moisturiser and you’re sure to have a great day. Next I highlight my cheekbones, arches of my eyebrows and corners of my eyes with Benefit’s “Girl Meets Pearl” luminzer.

And hey presto – I am transformed to a cheery, glimmering goddess in five easy steps! (Well, not quite. But at least by now hopefully I look like I haven’t left half my face on the pillow.)

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