Disclaimer: I am NOT a health professional. Take everything I say with a pinch of salt.

It’s also probably a good thing to note that I wrote this after consuming a very large portion of cheesy chilli nachos.

And a gin and tonic.

Basically the way I see it losing weight is not rocket science. (Get it?) Three years ago after a trip to my GP moaning about a two stone weight gain he gave me some very simple and easy to follow advice: Eat less, move more. His delivery was sharp and it stung a little, but deep down I knew he was right. I had moved to London and immersed myself in city life. I had four months off to divulge in more than just the vibrant cities culture. Gourmet fast food and ice cream parlours surrounded me, coupled with an increasing taste for alcohol and a boyfriend who drove me everywhere, it was a recipe for disaster. Within that time, I piled on the pounds and when I shot up to nearly ten stone I knew something had to be done. A (small) part of the problem was I’d thrown out my weighing scales in fear of the numbers staring back at me and so it wasn’t until I saw a photo of myself at the zoo that I decided to take action. I could have easily blended into the pig pen without a second glance! Eight months later and twenty-six pounds down, I vowed to never re gain it. However, not long after and a new boyfriend later I was, as Bridget Jones put it, mit bebe, and inevitably I regained all the weight in the same time I lost it. Granted my bump was petite through the duration of my pregnancy and believe me I ate whatever I wanted but I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about losing it all afterwards nearly every day. So as before I followed the steps you definitely already know below and it wasn’t long before I was back in my size.. Don’t be silly I’m not going to tell you what size jeans I wear 😉

1. Rid the bump before the bump: It is 100% accurate that if you are a healthy weight before you are pregnant you will be on a much quicker route to losing it once your bambino is born. Having a healthy BMI during pregnancy also significantly decreases risk of pregnancy induced illnesses such as pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes.

2. Be active: I don’t come with total lack of knowledge I did study midwifery once upon a time and the fitter you are the easier your labour will be. The tighter and stronger your stomach muscles are avant bump the higher the likelyness they will return.

3. 80% diet 20% fitness: I think a lot of people forget this rule. Unless you are an Olympic weight lifter or a personal trainer it is entirely true. Just because you ran half an hour on the treadmill and burned 300 calories doesn’t mean you can then go eat a burger and chips for lunch. (Which is 1,536 calories from Gourmet Burger by the way.) Saying that I think the opposite is also true, if you have indulged and eaten the cake, a nice long walk or an evening trip to the gym will help rid the extra fat.

4. Man with a plan: Eating healthily is enough for some people, although if you’re like me and you have a taste for all foods, good and bad, this probably won’t work. Just because you know avocados are good for you, doesn’t mean you should consume so many you’re shitting guacamole. Eat everything in moderation. Counting calories or following a plan like weight watchers is a good way to keep you on track.

5. Write everything down before you eat it: My mum writes it all down at the end of the day.. I don’t need to explain why this doesn’t work.

6. Always drink responsibly: Let’s be honest, when you’re a mum, nights out are few and far between. But when you do decide you need a night out to be young, wild and free stick to drinks with fewer calories and a lower sugar content. I’m a sucker for a gin and slim (50 calories) or a vodka-soda-lime (also aptly known as a skinny bitch) but if you are partial to a glass of red wine, as I am, remember it’s 228 calories a glass and skip the post night out kebab.